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Flash website design is one of our specialities and many of our prospective clients cite features of past projects: "we want something similar to that website you did!" is something we have got used to. Of course, each client is unique and we approach each project differently.

Skip Intro? Not likely - we use Flash to enhance websites, not just for the sake of decoration.

Webasite creates engaging and functional presentations, product demo and animations that educate, inform and entertain. We use the latest in Flash and multimedia design to create powerful and persuasive experiences that maximize your exposure and reinforce your messaging. Yet, we also have the experience to know when you shouldn't use Flash animation and guide its use to where it will be the most effective.

Multimedia Design:-

When your message really demands attention we suggest a combination of audio and visual effects to create an interactive multimedia showcase of your product or service that can, literally if necessary, speak for itself.

Multimedia includes visuals, photos, sound, music, voice-overs, motion, animation and video and can be delivered on a variety of platforms such as websites, interactive CD-Roms, laptop sales presentations, screensavers, exhibitions and display, video demonstrations or standalone applications that are small enough to email to clients. Individual customisation facilities can be built into the application.

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